About Us

Building Individuals and Teams with Adrenaline Boosting, New Age, and Inspiring Activities that drive Collaboration, Team Work, Music and Rhythm!!!

Full Power Events started with the sole intention of creating Meaningful Experiences for Audiences across the World.
We have been received with Trust by Our esteemed clients as we ensure a one-of-a-kind, seamless experience that makes every event a memorable one, for one and for all!

Full Power Drum Circle  

The drum is an ancient tool of communication and community building. In Africa as in India and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the center of the village to make music. This joyous making of music breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity, thus enabling communities to become more effective in their decision-making.

Harmony of the Harmonica

Using a harmonica as a team-building activity can be a unique and fun way to engage your team members and promote collaboration and communication. 

A One of a kind workshop offering in the country, Harmony of the Harmonica, a Workshop designed and delivered by Roy Roberts enables participants to creatively learn the basic nuances of this complex and very versatile instrument. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to play along to popular songs together as a Team One! 

Full Power Hakka Stand Off

Full Power Hakka Challenge is inspired by “Kiu Nyiu” in the Hakka language, is a traditional competitive ritual that originated from the Hakka people in southern China. It serves as a way for Hakka clans to resolve disputes, strengthen community bonds, and display martial arts prowess.

The Full Power Hakka Challenge encourages teams to work together, synchronize their movements, and coordinate their actions to perform the dance routine successfully.


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