Full Power Hakka Stand Off

Full Power Hakka Challenge is inspired by “Kiu Nyiu” in the Hakka language, is a traditional competitive ritual that originated from the Hakka people in southern China. It serves as a way for Hakka clans to resolve disputes, strengthen community bonds, and display martial arts prowess.

The Full Power Hakka Challenge encourages teams to work together, synchronize their movements, and coordinate their actions to perform the dance routine successfully.

Participants must communicate effectively with each other to ensure everyone is in sync and understands their roles and positions within the dance routine.

The activity promotes collaboration as team members brainstorm ideas, incorporate their own creative elements, and collectively work towards a common goal.

Working together towards a shared goal builds trust among team members and strengthens their relationships.

Full Power Hakka Challenge is a test of strength, agility, and coordination. The teams would strive to outperform each other, with their martial arts skills. The overall objective is not to harm or defeat the opponent team, but to showcase the team’s abilities and bring honor to the Team together as One!