Harmony of the Harmonica

Using a harmonica as a team-building activity can be a unique and fun way to engage your team members and promote collaboration and communication. 

A One of a kind workshop offering in the country, Harmony of the Harmonica, a Workshop designed and delivered by Roy Roberts enables participants to creatively learn the basic nuances of this complex and very versatile instrument. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to play along popular songs together as a Team as One! 


Playing harmonicas requires active listening and communication between team members. It encourages individuals to pay attention to others, synchronize their playing, and adjust their own contribution accordingly.


Harmonica activities promote collaboration as team members work together to create harmonious sounds. They must coordinate their actions, communicate their intentions, and adjust their playing to fit within the overall composition..

Creativiely Create: 

Using harmonicas allows for creative expression and experimentation. Team members can explore different playing styles, rhythms, and melodies, fostering a sense of innovation and originality

Bond as a Team and Fun: 

Playing music together can be a source of joy and shared experiences. It helps team members build rapport, develop relationships, and create positive memories.